For Those About To Rock…

Rock 'n Roll Bender

We salute you.  And, no, I did not pose this photo.

Everyone would like to think their child is a musical genius…especially those of us who are musicians, ourselves.  Well, I don’t know how musical William is going to be, but he is definitely practicing that rock ‘n roll lifestyle.  This boy loves him some Joan Jett or Billy Idol, but his favorite song goes “You shook me all nap long.”

May you party like rock stars this weekend.


2 Replies to “For Those About To Rock…”

  1. What I love is that he has the mattress protector under him. And as any of us who have lived the party-like-a-rockstar life, bedwetting protection is an absolute necessity. He’s a champ!

    1. Taunia – good eye. This was back when he was still in diapers, but I think the cat was going through some kind of anxiety attack and we were protecting the couch from HER. Either way, mattress protectors are awesome when your kid IS potty training and tends to collapse in cloth-covered places. I have later pictures where he’s on a shower curtain. Elegant!

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