I’d Like To Thank…William

When your entire blog consists of pictures of your children, it’s somewhat mandatory that all your polite acquaintances express their delight.  I have VERY polite friends.  I thank them for laughing at Naps Happen for over a year-and-a-half now — since long before I had an actual blog. So it’s pretty cool when someone from the blog world (blogoverse?) validates that you are indeed funny, and not just an incredibly self-focused mother whose children are not really amusing at all. Yesterday, I received that validation in the form of this little award from a much funnier blogger – Allison.


No – I can’t make the award badge any bigger than that.  Although I would like to. Here’s the difficult part.  I am supposed to turn around and award this to seven other people – and the only three I want to give it to were part of the path through which it came to me (see my blogroll).  I have work to do on my blog reading! So rather than artificially, quickly digging up seven funny blogs, I will solemnly swear to bank my seven options for giving this award and parcel them out as the opportunity arises. And since this award is really for William, I thought I’d leave you with an old fave.

Oblivious to his freakin' funniness...

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