Naps Happen LIVE!

Early in the days of Naps Happen, I posted a bunch of pictures of William out cold in front of what was actually a very loud keyboard playing an endless cycle of muzak songs.  The problem is, the picture just can’t convey how deep his sleep was, in the presence of such horribly noisy, cheesy Christmas Carols and renditions of Bryan Adams.

Devoted nap enthusiasts, rejoice, for Cormac has discovered the piano.

It would appear that he does not find it soporific.  William, however, is never impervious to the sweet strains of Bryan Adams.   They appear to induce slumber in some odd, Pavlovian way.

Cue the bell.  Cue the meat powder.  If only Pavlov had known about Muzak.

8 Replies to “Naps Happen LIVE!”

  1. He’s so devoted to napping. It’s Olympic.

    And, I love his (William’s sneakers) as well as Cormac’s curls.

    More video naps! This was fun.

    1. What’s terrible is that this song is the very first one out of the hundred songs, and William used to like it best, so he’d lie there for an hour or more, hitting #1 to make it repeat. It was worst in the summer when we had the windows open…we live in a townhouse development!

  2. Awesome. So glad you did a video of this. As a mom of two kids who wake up every single night when I silently sneak into their rooms to check on them, the concept of a soundly sleeping child is totally foreign to me. And I think Cormac really adds that special something to Bryan Adams.

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