Guest Napper #45 – Snoozing Superhero

You know I couldn’t leave Halloween behind without a kid who had a sugar collapse.

Luckily, Jessica caught Saul doing exactly what I had wished my kids would do.  He just went facedown in a candy coma. I assure you that this is far preferable to the screaming fit that my youngest devolved to, before finally collapsing from exhaustion in his bed at 9:30pm.


Spidey Snooze

Oh yeah – my kids were climbing the walls – and they weren’t even dressed as the right characters.  Sadly, I did not get anything like a Sleeping Stormtrooper or a Dreaming Darth Vader. Napping was a concept left behind in a galaxy far…far…awayyyyyyy.

To those of you who lost your power and your water. To those of you who still shiver, unshowered. To those of you whose Halloween was scary in all the wrong ways, we at Naps Happen wish you a warm and clean weekend filled with the comforts of the modern world. May your power (or your superpowers) return.



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  1. Oh, man. Kids are so much smarter than adults. Why has it never occurred to me to just lay down on the floor and be done with it all for 30 minutes or so?

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