What happened here?

I really sat sort of speechless in front of this photo for a few minutes and thought, “What, exactly, happened here?”

It looks as if my five-year-old was playing a two-player Xbox game, when he was suddenly buried under an ottoman and a toy box.  And then…he got tired and fell asleep?

Yeah. I got nothin’…

How does a person prepare a bed of pillows and wrap himself in his blankie before being surprised by an avalanche of playroom furniture? Sadly, there wasn’t a good samaritan in sight to help pull him out of this awkward situation. Perhaps he played each controller until the batteries ran out and then succumbed to exhaustion, hoping a parent would find him.

Don’t give up hope, William!

The worst part is that he was just a couple of feet from his half-eaten grilled cheese. He can almost reach it.

Hang on, my man. Mama is coming!


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  1. Please. How many times have I been washing the dishes only to wake up two hours later … disoriented, wet and soapy and on the floor in the front of the sink with the faucet still running? Dude, when you’re tired, you’re tired.

    Carpe nap!

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