Guest Napper #61: Mealtime Multi-tasking

You know how you get so hungry sometimes that you find yourself just shoveling your lunch in? And then you are simultaneously chugging your drink and taking a nap to rev yourself back up for the afternoon meeting?

Wait…no, me neither.


Alicia, on the other hand, has got this multi-tasking thing down. She also appears to have gotten a large quantity of pasta or, uh, sweet potatoes? down as well. Right before downing her bottle and taking a train down to Dreamland.

Shh! I'm slurping. I mean sleeping.

Slurping…excuse me, sleeping is an important skill. Her mom, Jennifer, must be so proud.


2 Replies to “Guest Napper #61: Mealtime Multi-tasking”

  1. Oh my gosh, this is SO STINKIN’ CUTE! Bless her heart, she just looks so tuckered out from all that food smearing. It happens to the best of us, Sugar. I wish I had some pics like this of my kids to show at their weddings someday!

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