Guest Napper #138: Papasan Pretzel

When Kristi at The Robot Mommy sent me this picture, she didn’t realize what a service she’d done me. You see, I was shopping for new chairs for my boys for Christmas (after the inevitable, eventual demise of The Naps Happen Chair of great napping fame) and I had thought…maybe I should get them papasan chairs?

Well, it seems that papasan chairs might be a little too soporific for this already-nap-prone family.

“You see, you SMUSH yourself into the shape of the chair, like so…”

Also, I must confess that this chair does not, at present, appear to be very comfortable.

Hmmmm. Bean bag chairs. Those are for us.

Out with the old…

3 Replies to “Guest Napper #138: Papasan Pretzel”

    1. You know, Kathy, I was sad, too. However, the photo of the chair from the back is deceptively generous. The FRONT of the chair was…well…you have boys. You can imagine!

  1. What a cute chair! Sorry you have to let it go :(. Btw, those papasans are pretty cool and comfy (as you can see). My daughter sleeps like a contortionist a lot. It was awesome when she was in the womb… Ouch
    Thanks for having me as your guest 🙂

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