Guest Napper #198: Paragon of Posture

We’ve all been told how important it is to have good posture at our desks. Hunching all day and twisting ourselves over our keyboards…well…it’s bound to catch up with us, eventually.

This little dude has taken that advice very seriously.

If you use the stool this way, it's better for your posture.

If you use the stool this way, it’s better for your posture.

I’m not sure if he’s ready to do his taxes, or if he spent too long on Facebook, or if he’s engaging in some sort of experiment involving whether or not productivity is dependent up on the warmth of one’s feet. All I can say is that his level of relaxation is impressive, considering his ramrod straight posture.

A chin bar. That’s what we all need.

Next time you are scowling at your illuminated laptop screen and you reach back to massage the crick in your neck, remember you could have taken measures to prevent that type of problem.

He did.


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