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Guest Napper #89 – Snoozin’ and Skatin’

…and sun. We haven’t had any sun for a few days, so this picture from Susan (a.k.a. Wubboo Mummy) looked so inviting. I mean, I also enjoy sleeping on a skateboard from time to time.   Apparently, Susan was busy kicking a ball nearby with her son, when she turned to find that Briannah had …

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Guest Napper #87 – Maxed Out

You know, on reflection, this is a new one. We’ve had naps under the table. Next to the table.  On the counter. But we’re not quite done… Luckily, there are still a few napping locations left on the table for us. Tee hee. Apparently Becky left Max to finish up his dinner and when she returned, moments …

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Guest Napper #86 – Dreams with Daddy

No hijinks this Friday – just a sweet little nap for all the kids whose parents are serving far away. Thanks to Vanessa and Zach for this reminder that the best dreams are of the ones you love.

Guest Napper #85 – Weary Wednesday

By Wednesday, the week is just too much sometimes. Erika sent me this picture of Tristan, which pretty much represents how I feel by 5 p.m. on hump day. Mind you, I’ve wanted to hide under my desk more often. I mean, I don’t have a drawer under my bed. I have an underbed storage …

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