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Guest Napper #114 – Up All Night

I don’t know about you folks but, as Fall dawns, I am scrambling to keep up with our new schedule. It’s like this complicated jigsaw puzzle of drop-offs, pick-ups, swimming lessons, lunch bunch days, appointments, and then there’s the time I need to find to check myself into a spa. The other thing that happens …

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Visit Me at gDiapers!

Some of you folks have been looking at my pictures for, literally, years. It’s been fun narrating these naps for you and I love what I do here at Naps Happen. This week, however, I get to be like…you know…a REAL BLOGGER. The folks at gDiapers have given me the opportunity to talk about something …

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Guest Napper #113 – Seasick Sleeper

No matter how much I loved my babies, there are certain indelible sensory memories I do not wish to recall. Being a person who has always been profoundly affected by music, I may never recover from the scars left upon my psyche by certain Fisher Price equipment. Like this aquarium. Just five seconds of one …

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Guest Napper #112 – Spidey Senzzzzzze

Warning, parents. After a summer of playing hard, even superheroes may hit the books…facedown. Okay, face UP. I’m a little concerned about the alarm expressed by Elmo, there. Does he know something we don’t? Enjoy it. Pretty soon, that afternoon nap will go the way of the dinosaurs. Ba dum DUM! Happy Thurzzzzday, folks.