Guest Napper #167: Lazy River

‘Tis the season for pools and sprinklers and tubing. ¬†What can be better than spending your day floating down the river with a cooler full of beverages?

Or, if you can’t actually tube on the river, you can always get in one of those rinky dink “rivers” at the water parks. They’re not very exciting, but they are better than nothing.

You may actually be able to get a nap out of it.

This ain't whitewater...

This ain’t whitewater…

Adrenaline inducing? Perhaps not. Relaxing, for sure!

Guest Napper #166: Vintage Special

As the real dog days of summer set in, I have to share this truly unusual retro nap with you. My reader Anita sent it in. It is a picture of her sleeping on a grain drill (which is, apparently, only about 4 inches wide) in 1959.

Farming: famously exhausting

Farming: famously exhausting

She has no explanation for how she was able to balance, while sleeping, on a four inch surface. All I can say is, I think she missed her calling as an olympic gymnast…if not an olympic napper!

As the cicadas sing you their weird little song and the silence of August presses down upon your evenings, may you find a place to nap al fresco.

Napping: it’s as old as the hills and still a good idea!

Guest Napper #165: Mezmerizing Mystery

Oh, yeah. It’s a SLAMMIN’ party, dogs.

Our little dude here has found a way to beat the summer heat. His bed. A book. A smothering stuffed animal. All of it seems so relaxing!

Scooby must certainly approve.

boy sleeping with book on face

…and I’d have stayed awake if it weren’t for you meddling kids!

How a guy can nap like this is certainly a mystery to me…

Happy Friday!


Guest Napper #164: Tiled and Toweled

As any parent knows, the best part of the non-stop summer activity is how…tired…the…kids…are…later.

Sometimes, they don’t even make it from the bath to the bed.

Child’s pose: with a towel and a twist

That cool tile is looking pretty good right about now, what with this heatwave and all! Maybe I’ll just cave and do this after my morning shower sometime soon? Not take the kids to their activities at all? How would that go over?

Mmmm hmmm.