Guest Napper #158: Crib Notezzz

This is the time of year when those of us who are college teachers begin to wonder why we bother. Personally, I teach at night. You know what I’m seeing a lot of lately?

This jailhouse ain’t rockin’

At least my students have access to caffeine. Something tells me this little dude is free of such helpful pick-me-ups.

He’s just gonna have to sleep.

However, it won’t get him out of turning in that research paper he owes me on Monday. Just sayin’.

Guest Nappers #156 and #157: Concrete Crash

Awhile back, I posted a picture of my son napping on the sidewalk in his coat.

There were skeptics.

Well, naysayers, I give you Exhibit B…as in Be-Well-Rested. Be-One-With-the-Incline.

Not yet hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk.

If I didn’t actually know the woman who sent me this, I’d have trouble believing it. Having long heard of the exploits of these two whipperNappers, however, I am not as surprised as I could be.

I think these two have cemented their reputation as good sleepers.


Guest Napper #155: Swingerzzz

As the tulips grace the gardens of the mid-atlantic, I begin to dream of summer evenings, sitting on the porch swing.

Soft breezes. Crickets. Babies…in bed.

No, wait. Babies IN BED. And I said PORCH SWING!

child asleep in baby swing

If not ocean surf, about about ocean-themed music?

Those Fisher Price swings were pretty magical for my kids, but someone should tell this child that the motor is no match for 20 extra lbs. of child. The doll looks like it’s saying, “Yo! Wake up! WE ARE NOT SWINGING.”

Someone get this kid a lemonade.

I’ll be on the porch if you need me. Perhaps I’ll try a hammock instead.

Guest Napper #154: Checked Out

When I saw this cart nap, I had one thought:

I hope she doesn’t need to get an economy-sized raft of toilet paper.

Shoppers are asked to leave heavy items in their carts at the register.

Come to think of it, this is a great way to avoid spending too much. What can she possibly fit in here? We should all borrow a napping child when we go to Target. As Kim from The Fordeville Diaries points out, there may be no other way to avoid leaving with too much crap.

Also, this is better than letting her two kids ride in one of those car carts. Not only are they absolute HELL to steer, but it sets a bad example for your kids to let them start sleeping at the wheel at an early age.

More time to read the covers of trashy tabloids at the checkout is what I say.