Guest Napper #150: Computer Crashed

The D.C. area is about to experience SNOWQUESTER, so we’re all battening down the hatches here. Wegmans is like Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, because nobody wants to go through a 24-hour storm without a healthy supply of bananas. Potassium, apparently, is a vital need. Look what happened to Max, after all. You need to eat your fruit.

I want to caution all the commuters out there not to get caught at the office too late tonight! After all, COMMUTAGEDDON of January 2011 was no laughing matter. I personally know someone who was stuck on the road so long that she almost had to get out of the back seat of her carpool and pee by the side of the road.

The hard drive home or the hard drive here? Tough choice…


Also, on the other hand, you don’t want to get stuck at the office. That stuff is not comfy, people.

In other news, you crashed your computer searching Google, fools.

And don’t forget to wear both shoes when you go outside. Just a tip. Stay safe!


Guest Napper #149: Sleeping Snackmeister

I have heard about this new phenomenon that’s troubling the younger generation. It’s called “sleep texting” and I doubt I have to explain what that is all about. How horrifying. I mean, I can’t even text when I’m wide awake and in desperate need of sending an urgent message, so doing it in my sleep would be a total and utter disaster.

Well, Krista sent me a pic of this little guy may not yet have access to sleep texting, but he’s got a midnight snack made. Whether or not he will get to eat any of it is something we will never know.

Mmmmm. Cheddar.

When you’re sleep eating, it’s best not to go the messy cheese AND crackers route. Just get a combo product, is what I say.

May you all wake feeling well rested and well-fed.

Guest Napper #148: sNappy Dresser

You know, there is no way I could find this much room in my messy sock drawer.

A new way to get your pajamas on.

Dang, I can hardly close that monster. Every year, I think “This is the year I’m going to make some room in there!” Instead, I just wear the same three pairs of socks over and over, because who can deal with finding the mates to all the others?

Well, Evan is flaunting it. His drawer has room to spare. In fact, he could fit an entire toddler in there.

He’s a snappy dresser, that one.

Guest Napper #147: Gravity. It’s the Law

Well, I don’t know about you all, but I think this dude is super excited for Valentine’s Day.

Okay, maybe he’s not really conscious, but I do appreciate how lucky he is that his stuffed animal is waiting on the floor to cushion his head when gravity finally wins.

Inversions. Very beneficial, according to yogis.

I do know it’s sometimes recommended to elevate your feet with a pillow, but someone needs to tell him this is not supposed to coincide with pitching headfirst off the bed.

Let’s hope he’s not lightheaded when he wakes. He needs those feet firmly on the ground to face that school Valentine exchange!

Happy V-Day to all, and to all a GOOD NAP.