The Fall of the Fort

This nap seems to have conquered the reinforced walls of William’s pillow fort, despite his most valiant efforts.

Overrun by the snoozies

Where are the fellow defenders of wakefulness?  Where is Bunny?  Where is Blue Puppy?  Only Blankie remains to reverently cover our boy hero.

A true friend...

But wait!  Puppy is revealed.  Lying patiently underneath his boy, he shows his loyalty once again.

May you all have a best friend at your side as Thursday launches its assault on you.

High Chair Hijinkzzz

I’m sure most parents have seen their little people fall asleep while eating.  Perhaps this Nap Happening isn’t so unusual.


No turkey here...just cheerios

I do like the little detail of the cheerio on the neck, however.  It looks like he might have one in his mouth, too.  Luckily, these tasty, round morsels dissolve…eventually!

Rest up BEFORE your meals, people.

All Dressed Up…

…and clearly going nowhere.  It seems like whatever we were doing that day, it wore the little guy out.


A snazzier snooze...

Puppy is thinking he just weighs more with all these preppy clothes on.  He’s probably voting to go back to diaper-and-t-shirt naps.

What really amazes me is how color-coordinated he is with that carpet.  I swear I didn’t do it on purpose.

Guest Napper #4

Brooke surely has the most stylin’ napper here in the form of little “Z”.

William usually plasters himself to the floor wearing mismatched plaids or no pants.  This awesome little guy seems to have strolled into the house after digging for worms on a warm day, tossed off these happenin’ little galoshes, and settled in to absorb a highly artistic graphic  novel, suitable for young readers (of course).

It's not a COMIC, people....sheesh.

Even the loud WHOOSH! from his story couldn’t keep him awake, however.  He rested his chin on his very international shirt-sleeve and drifted off to dream of his future as a famous artist and U.N. translator.

Or maybe he’s just thinking about getting all the cute girls at kindergarten to loan him their Hello Kitty erasers?

Sweet dreams, little hipster.