Thankful for Team Naps

With Turkey Day fast approaching, family members and friends arriving in town, and work winding down, I know that the last thing you all will be doing is reading a blog about naps.  Perhaps you will find time to take one for a change!

I thought about posting a nap-while-eating, but what seemed nicer was to pause and be thankful for moments like this one, which I captured on camera by sheer luck.


May this holiday bring you safe travels, perfectly timed side dishes, and lots of love.

Oh…and some good sleep.  Everything else is gravy.

Happy Thanksgiving from Team Naps Happen!

Squishiest and Most Secretest…

You will not be surprised to hear that, the day this nap occurred, I had trouble finding my son.


Shhh! I'm back HERE!

He was wedged behind the toddler armchair in his bedroom.

It seemed perfect for today, though, because I just made my Thanksgiving Week trip to the supermarket.  Now, of course, every holiday week is hell at the grocery store.  But because of the unfortunate fact that the schools are closed due to employee furlough…it was even more horribler.   Yes, you heard me.  I’m an English teacher, but I deem Wegmans today to have been more horribler than usual, thanks to the excess of screaming children, large carts, and oblivious people tasting cheese.  Seeing as how this is Monday, I predict that Wednesday will be the most horriblest day of shopping ever.

Anyway, back to this nap – this is what I wanted to do when I finally found a quiet space in the aisle with the cleaning products and the foil.  There was nobody there, and I just wanted to curl up and obscure myself.  Sadly, I did have to check out.

Good on William for finding a hidey hole.

So quiet. So un-horribler.

Toxic Shock

Well, I really just have to say that I knew it all along.

This appalling photo (shield your children’s eyes) shows the grim reality of what Kraft Cheese and Macaroni can really do to a human being….or a puppy.

Run for your shelters!

It sits there, looking so innocent. Mealtime staple of thousands of toddlers across the country. But you know and I know that there is something screamingly toxic about that stuff.

No cheese is naturally that color.

Just remember, folks. The Day After was a movie before it was a pill.

Toddler Twister

I realize that this nap is on a couch (yawn) but I was taken with how William can make a perfectly comfy couch nap into a perfectly uncomfy, awkward position.

I mean, really, it looks as if Telly the Teaching Time Clock is just anxiously awaiting that moment when he can sound his alarm and free William from this ridiculous snooze. Just when I thought I’d gotten the best shot of the day, though, he gave me this one.

Eat your heart out, Gene Kelly

I suppose Gene Kelly never looked awkward in his entire life, so perhaps I need to rethink my chosen dance icon.  But, seriously, he took the rest of his nap like this.

Napping with style.  That’s my man.