Workday Pick-Me-Up

Which one of us hasn’t had one of those days when we actually considered if we couldn’t hide under our desk and take a nap?  Well, William just says Carpe Diem.

Can anyone see me?

He actually crawled under here while I was sitting at the computer, working. As you can see, he squeezed Bunny and Puppy under there, too.

He’ll finish that powerpoint deck later.



Couch (Back) Potato

It’s not like we don’t have beds in our house, folks.  Really.  In fact, in order to increase the sleepiness of our abode, we furnished our finished basement with a sleeper sofa (big enough for two cozy people, even).

William was interested in the sleeper sofa.  Unfortunately, he was not interested in the bed portion.


Just the back.

If you're not living on the edge...

Clearly, he is not kept awake by chocolate before “bed.”  Nor is puppy.

My little couch spud.

The Tedium of Sisyphus and Joshua

Not quite IN the bed...

This shot represents a day when I felt we were making progress, because William conked out near his bed.  I can’t figure out how this arrangement happened, exactly.

From the looks of it, I’d say he was reading Once Upon a Potty and working on his phonics with the alphabet apple.  But the utter boredom of reading, again, about “I, Joshua’s mother, have always changed him, keep changing him, and will never STOP CHANGING HIM AND WILL BE DOING IT IN PERPETUITY!!!!” must have slain his wakefulness and caused him to seek refuge from the tedious Joshua, his repetitive mother, his potty-gifting grandmother, and the aforementioned potty-that-looks-like-a-chamber pot.  Only sleep could save him.  Heck – only sleep saves me.

Meanwhile, seeing William engrossed by Joshua’s tiresome potty story, Bunny tried to scale the bedrail and make a break for the promised land…only to slip off the bed again and fall cruelly back like Sisyphus — on top of his boy and the floor.

Keep pushing that rock uphill, Bunny.  Someday, you will get there.

For Those About To Rock…

Rock 'n Roll Bender

We salute you.  And, no, I did not pose this photo.

Everyone would like to think their child is a musical genius…especially those of us who are musicians, ourselves.  Well, I don’t know how musical William is going to be, but he is definitely practicing that rock ‘n roll lifestyle.  This boy loves him some Joan Jett or Billy Idol, but his favorite song goes “You shook me all nap long.”

May you party like rock stars this weekend.