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Guest Napper #146: La-Z-Boy

Sometimes, while riding pink vehicles and snuggling your taggies, you just have to kick back in your man chair. Or, as in this case, under it. Hey. A baby’s got to protect the delicate skin from the sun. You don’t want to look like a leather chair at age 60.  

Guest Napper #138: Papasan Pretzel

When Kristi at The Robot Mommy sent me this picture, she didn’t realize what a service she’d done me. You see, I was shopping for new chairs for my boys for Christmas (after the inevitable, eventual demise of The Naps Happen Chair of great napping fame) and I had thought…maybe I should get them papasan …

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Guest Napper #107 – Cold, Hard Tile

It’s been so hot and muggy that a four-season girl like myself could just melt into a wailing puddle of misery on the asphalt. On the other hand, this tile is looking extremely inviting right now. Can’t you just feel its cool comfort on your cheek? Bless this tired little guy and his comfy camp …

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Guest Napper #66 – Upholstered Exhaustion

These pictures Jen sent me of her daughter Cecelia remind me of how I feel at 10pm on some weekdays. In short, I’m just done. I can neither confirm nor deny that Cecelia has been teaching class, but she sure looks like she knows my pain. Perhaps she had a bad day getting those unruly …

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