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Guest Napper #60: Doggie Diving

I won’t have to tell you that there is some serious awesomeness here. Brittany’s comment, upon submitting this picture of Esme, was that Esme was petting the dog and fell asleep. Well…that’s for sure. But what of the super-fab outfit she’s wearing? And how soft and comfy can that hearth be for her precious little …

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Guest Napper #56 – Resolved to Rest

Here’s a good New Year’s Resolution: Get a smaller dog. Thanks to Gabrielle’s tot for showing us all that we’re not alone in feeling like we just can’t get up for work tomorrow. Happy New Year!

Culprit is Cornered

Nobody in my house will accept responsibility for the violence directed at this poor, snowy white stuffed dog. Even worse, nobody will take responsibility for the concurrent destruction of my Bobbi Brown lipstick.  BOBBI BROWN, ladies. You feel me? I go in search of the culprit and discover a potential suspect, who has holed up …

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Guest Napper #29

This nap is so infinitely likable. Whether you are a fan of man and baby’s best friend (check!) or a fan of eco-friendly diapering (check!) or you just really like orange…well…it’s Monday and I will not disappoint. Thanks so much to Jeanie for sending this adorable guest nap and for keeping roughly two tons of …

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