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Double Take

I know what you’re thinking.  She’s lost her edge, that nap lady.  I could produce a nap like this!   It’s true.  Every toddler falls asleep on the couch.  Who cares?  Ah!  But look more closely! Two babies! …plus poor old Blue Puppy.  If you can find him. Snooze on, people.  Snooze on.

Unsynchronized Sleepers

As we all avoid Friday afternoon meetings, watch the clock, and count down to the first cocktail…er…hotdog…I thought it appropriate to send everyone off with some sleepy togetherness.   We may not always be in sync while snoozing, but we can still enjoy lounging about in bed on the floor. I am going to appreciate …

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The Gift of Sleep — Any Sleep

Poor wee Cormac has the croup again (seriously?  at age two?  again?) and after two awful nights, we are sleep-walking adults who are dreaming of dreaming.  Does that make any sense?  Pass the coffee, please. I like to think of Cormac like this:     Goofy seems a little surprised that Cormac would choose to …

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Firm Bed Better For Back

I realize I’m bending the rules a little here, showing an evening sleep event (I’ve done this only once before) and I can’t say for sure whether this particular bedtime location change occurred while William was awake or asleep.  Those of you who “know” him will agree that either scenario is possible. When I was …

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