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Burgeoning Black Belt

Ralph Macchio, step aside. Daniel-san: How come you didn’t tell me? Mr. Miyagi: Tell you what? Daniel-san: That you knew karate? Mr. Miyagi: You never ask? A friend of mine once observed that there must be a huge market for karate schools because every time a strip mall goes up, the first thing to show …

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Comfort Food

Speaking of grilled cheese…evidence is mounting that it has a strong soporific effect. Contrary to his spicy attire, Cormac is feeling extremely laid-back after, apparently, eating all but the crusts of his sandwich and then arranging them in some kind of modern art installation on his Easter egg plate. Now, my boys aren’t even twins, …

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Hey Girl, Let’s Take a Nap

A single, child-free friend of mine once remarked that she would go insane living in my house, because I appear to have constant couch cushion chaos.  I refrained from pointing out that I have already gone insane. This picture provides no real clues to how William ended up sleeping under the toy box, but it …

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