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child sleeps standing up

Guest Napper #174: Stand! Sleep! Stand!

Depending on where you live, you’re a couple of weeks or a few days into a new back-to-school schedule. I’m all for enriching, engaging activities for the kids. I really am. There’s just ONE drawback. Early wake-up. Not even the exciting rainbow shoes could keep this girl moving. Whether your wee one is off to …

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Guest Napper #64 – Mortified Mope?

  Falling asleep in your bouncer isn’t a new idea. We’ve seen it before around here. Something different is going on, though, in this picture that Crystal sent me. It’s like Jack is saying, “Mom. Please. I am TOO OLD FOR THIS STUFF.” Monkeys? Rainbows? I mean…what a snooze. Cheer up, Jack. It’s Friday.