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Guest Napper #181: Riding in Place

girl asleep on bigwheel

On this day when so very, very many Americans are beyond frustrated by the infuriating futility of government activity…well…I give you this: Riding a bike in a tent. And that is all. Ahem.

Traveler and Tile

Apologies to all for the long absence of Team Naps Happen. We’ve been enjoying a blissful vacation on the coast of Maine, where I was far too busy constantly washing sand out of the clothing of small boys to actually post a darn thing. Of course you know that there’s no way an entire week …

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Roughing It Respite

Cormac takes after me in just about every way…but not this one.  I hate camping. Of course, maybe if I’d been able to camp in the comfort of my own home, while snoozing with my blankie, things could have been different. I’m already calling it.  Dan does cub scouts.  (finger on side of nose)