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Traveler and Tile

Apologies to all for the long absence of Team Naps Happen. We’ve been enjoying a blissful vacation on the coast of Maine, where I was far too busy constantly washing sand out of the clothing of small boys to actually post a darn thing. Of course you know that there’s no way an entire week …

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Guest Napper #94 – Cuddly Companion

There’s a lot of buzz out there right now on Facebook and Twitter, with moms discussing the imminent end of school and the looming summer break. (insert nervously hysterical cackle) You folks have LOTS of togetherness ahead. We all do. ┬áBut it looks like Rose may have a little more togetherness ahead than some of …

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Porch Nap

Naps Happen on the Road!

Sorry for the nap starvation diet, but my family just spent a gorgeous week in Maine. Of course you KNOW that the show goes on, regardless of location. Sheesh. Not all the naps were funny, but this one sure was. I was inside the house when Dan ran in and hissed “get the camera!” It …

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