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Guest Napper #173: Saved by the Diaper

child asleep in crib

All I have to say is, thank goodness diapers have lots of padding. Over and out.  

child asleep in cart

Guest Napper #172: SleePee Cart. Oopsie!

At Naps Happen, we have certainly seen our share of cart naps. This one is pretty funny. For sure, this exhausted shopper going to have waffle face when he wakes up. However, my favorite thing about this nap is what his mom told me. Apparently her shopping had to go on the rack underneath (because, …

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child sleeping on counter

Guest Napper #171: Counternaptuitive

Some people like sleeping in soft places. Some people like to be awake while baking red velvet brownies. Or baking at all. Not this girl. Although napping in the middle of baking may result in you burning your cupcakes, there’s an even more terrible cost. SOMEONE ELSE MAY LICK THE BEATERS. ¬†I have seen it, …

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child asleep on shoes

Guest Napper #170: Smelly Snooze

We all know that one of the drawbacks to the start of school is the difficulty of getting out the door in the ¬†morning. Perhaps this guy knows better than anyone. Okay, well, maybe he’s too young for school. Sometimes those busy Fall schedules can be kind of stinky, though. Especially if you decide to …

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