Guest Nappers #209-211: ThreeZZZ Company

Good things come in threes, but I’m thinking that adage doesn’t always apply to naps, unfortunately. It takes a special talent to get even two of your kids to sleep at the same time, let alone three. Or maybe, as this photo indicates, the trick is to let them collapse on their own?

Naps Happen in Threes

This amazing moment captured by Spring at Tilyoutriplets is only one glimpse of her daily life with these three snoozing sensations. I have a feeling the rest of her photos are…busier.

I’ve got my eye on that one who grabbed both of the pillows.

Threezzzz Company: It’s the way to go.



Guest Napper #208: Soothing Swim

Kathy at Kissing the Frog shared this summery snooze with me, and I knew it was the perfect thing for July. Which of us doesn’t envy this little guy, floating gently off to sleep with the water lapping gently around him?

Naps Happen - Innertube Snooze

It makes quite a case for waterbeds, eh?


Guest Napper #207: Piano Man

Jazzfest is going on in New Orleans this weekend, right?

Piano Man - Naps Happen

It looks like this aspiring pianist may have been gigging a little too late last night. That or, possibly, he could benefit from fewer ballads and more upbeat  tunes.

Never lose that napping groove, my friend.


Guest Napper #206: On the Bench

Football season is over, but I see that someone got left behind on the bench.

child asleep on bench

Time Out

It looks like she waited for the whole meal and coach never put her in? It’s okay, lady. There’s always basketball season.