Be a Guest Napper!

Did you catch your wee one in some pretty sweet slumber?  I’d love to consider your photo for a guest post!  Just a couple of guidelines:

  • I don’t post photos of napping adults – unless they are a prop for your child’s nap! We’re mostly kid-focused here.
  • I don’t mind kamikaze photography, but I can’t post photos that are really bad quality or have major flaws in them (like blurry smudges or black spots).

Send your photo to Naps Happen with any necessary explanation of said nap using the form below and I will post the best ones as they come. I try to respond to every submission with a yea or a nay right away, but sometimes I get behind. Please don’t take it personally if you don’t hear from me immediately! I also try to give you an estimate of when I’ll post the photo, but sometimes it happens later than I anticipated due to parenting, working, and generally going nuts over here. I will always send you a link on the day your photo is posted.

We’re so excited we can’t sleep!

So send those pictures my way! Thanks for stopping by.

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    7 Replies to “Be a Guest Napper!”

    1. I have got the best picture somewhere, oh somewhere, of my sister at around age 6 sound asleep in a torn up bathing suit with her head shoved between two pieces of our sectional sofa and her knees on the floor. I’ve got to find that. Just shared you with my Facebook world. This is great.

    2. This was shared on FB by Brenna (above) and my college buddies find it hilarious. You’ve started a “find your most awkward nap caught on film” craze.

      1. Chelsea,
        Brenna gets credit for being the person to finally convince me to start this blog. I can actually tell you I have over one hundred more of these pictures in the hopper. But my friends on Facebook have seen them all and we need new material. Bring it!

    3. Naps. My sister would fall asleep in the strangest places. Breakfast, toilet. I wish my kids would fall asleep anywhere.

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