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Background noise be damned…

    On this particular day, I found him like this, with a half-consumed smoothie, in front of the roaring menu for the Ice Age video.  ROOOOAAAR!   ROOOOAAR!  He was undisturbed.  He had the police to protect him.

Better with friends…

    William quickly discovered that napping was nicer with similarly exhausted friends.  Bunny proved a good repeat nap buddy and Blue Puppy became a convert.  In case you’re wondering what that string is, it’s a helium balloon, floating just out of frame.  Sort of like a day at the sleepy circus.

Who needs cushioning?

    The next day, he set his sights even lower.  Also, this appeared to be a pants-optional kind of nap.

Guest Napper #76 – PiZZZa Party

As parents, we are appalled by what has happened to our Friday nights. Sure, we’re glad it’s the weekend, finally. However, any mom or dad will tell you it can sometimes be lights out by 9:30pm, even for the adults. For others, perhaps, a little earlier than that… Esther’s daughter didn’t make it through dinner. …

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