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Hide and Sleepk

What?  Cheated!  There’s no nap here.  Look closer. Zoom in. Mmmm.  Comfy. I think the best part is, this isn’t even his own room. May you all find the best spot for hide and seek sleep.

Tedious Tasks

Not sure if he was knocked out by the effort of learning to tie my shoes. Or perhaps it was the toothbrushing? Either way, the exertion knocked him out at 10:30 in the morning, between my bed and my closet door.  A high traffic area, I assure you. Perhaps not getting up at 5am would …

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Pillow Prop

After so many snow days, it’s a wonder if everyone’s house doesn’t look like this.  I guess it’s not so unusual to find my oldest sleeping (by choice) on the floor of our sort-of-chilly basement, surrounded by pillows. What I did think was notable was his overly thoughtful pose. This actually reminds me a lot …

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Hope in the Dark of Winter

This nap goes out to all my friends in Chicago…and Boston…and New York…and Minnesnowta…a little ray of sunshine from our marginally warmer clime. Dreaming of spring.