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Storytime? Nope. Bath time? No. Not DINNERTIME…

  Well, according to Telly the Teaching Time Clock, it is TIME FOR A NAP!  Even if you are under the kitchen table.  William isn’t about to mess with Telly.  That clock is bossy, I’ll Tell You What.

Post Party Nap?

    Today is my birthday, and it’s chock full of adult commitments that have zero fun factor. What I really wish is that I could party so hard that I ended up looking like this.  William parties like this often.  As you have all seen.     Here’s to another year of working hard …

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Showing Up Is Half the Battle

I don’t have to say much here, except that I have felt this way in the office on many a Monday, folks.  In this case, the weekday stresses of operating his ceiling fan remote were just too much for him.  Coffee, anyone?  

Stairway to Heaven

One day, I heard William’s talking Little Einstein doll get stuck on repeat, and I knew that a nap was happening.  What I didn’t anticipate was the excellent location.     Please spare me the shock that I allowed my son to sleep on the steps.  I immediately went to the bottom and piled couch …

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