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Guest Napper #101: Counterproductive

Mary shared this great picture of Henry, who appears to be a very flexible sleeper even at an advanced stage of childhood. May we all be this lucky with our kids. It looks like that exhausting coloring was just too much for him. But, seriously, why not crawl down from the stools and find a …

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Guest Napper #69 – Sleepy Surfing

At first, when I saw this picture Emma sent of her son Sirius, I thought “Eh, he’s sleeping on an ottoman. We’ve seen that before.” But he’s not. Look more closely. In fact, Sirius is balanced on the arm of this couch. He looks like he conked out there on the way to his workout, …

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Amazzzzing Abs

I know – it looks fake, right? Even as I’m turning my head this way and that, I feel my upper abs getting tired. If this is preferable to napping in his bed, perhaps it is time for something cushier upstairs? This looks less like a nap to me than it does like some late …

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