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Cuddly Cartnap (you heard me!)

It’s nothing special to pull off a catnap. But what about a cartnap? How about a tandem cartnap? I’ve been hearing a lot about the Black Friday madness going on out there, and I think people just need to chill out.  Clearly, my boys agree with me.  In fact, they see no reason not to …

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Dreamy Duo

Sometimes I come downstairs to see why they are so quiet, and this is what I find. One boy sneaks under. The other collapses over. And they are both faaaaast asleep. The End.

His Better Half

As you all know, I just live for tandem naps.  More often, though, one kid naps while the other one either pesters me for my full attention (thereby preventing me from having a minute of personal time all day) or disrupts the other one. Here we have a situation where I seem to have one …

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Brotherly Love

Around here, tandem naps like the one I posted on Thanksgiving are, unfortunately, quite rare.  More often, one falls asleep while the other is awake.  This not only ensures I will never have a quiet moment to myself, but it also means that brotherly battles will ensue. Of my two sons, William is definitely the …

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