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child sleeping on counter

Guest Napper #171: Counternaptuitive

Some people like sleeping in soft places. Some people like to be awake while baking red velvet brownies. Or baking at all. Not this girl. Although napping in the middle of baking may result in you burning your cupcakes, there’s an even more terrible cost. SOMEONE ELSE MAY LICK THE BEATERS.  I have seen it, …

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Snooze and Lose

Well folks, it’s my birthday.  You know in When Harry Met Sally when Sally wails “And I’m going to be forty….some daaayyyy!”  That day is now just one year away for me. Where did my life go? How did I become older than the oldest age of the main characters in When Harry Met Sally?  …

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Slumber of the Supplicant

For the most part, William takes after his father.  Engineer.  Analytical.  Actually has the capability to keep to himself for five minutes.  When I see this photo, though, I can pretend for a second that he’s like me…and that he fell asleep in mid-sentence for all his constant talking at people. The detail you might …

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