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Guest Napper #125 – Cook Has Collapsed

You don’t need to tell me. It’s only October and you’re already over putting together those family meals at the end of a hectic day. Apparently, you’re not alone. This tired little dude wanted to help his mommy do some cooking. Apparently, she needs to spice it up a little. Alternatively, perhaps he’s going to …

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Guest Napper #30

I’m a little biased toward wee Guest Napper #30, because he clearly shares my love of cooking. Currently, I am working my way through Julia Child’s inspiring memoir My Life in France. ┬áReading it has made me admire her even more than before, because it shows how she never wasted time thinking about how thin …

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Guest Napper #8

Brenna graciously scouted this picture for me, which is of her niece Julia. ┬áLike any normal person would be, Brenna was initially skeptical that Julia is actually asleep in the picture, but her mom swears it is true. What’s funny to me, as an obvious fan of naps, is that Julia’s mom apparently took the …

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