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child sleeping on counter

Guest Napper #171: Counternaptuitive

Some people like sleeping in soft places. Some people like to be awake while baking red velvet brownies. Or baking at all. Not this girl. Although napping in the middle of baking may result in you burning your cupcakes, there’s an even more terrible cost. SOMEONE ELSE MAY LICK THE BEATERS.  I have seen it, …

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Guest Napper #101: Counterproductive

Mary shared this great picture of Henry, who appears to be a very flexible sleeper even at an advanced stage of childhood. May we all be this lucky with our kids. It looks like that exhausting coloring was just too much for him. But, seriously, why not crawl down from the stools and find a …

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Guest Napper #17 – Counter Collapse

As the school year draws to a close, parents everywhere are getting tired.  But, apparently, the kids are even more beat. Melissa shared this picture of Caitlyn on Facebook and her friends urged her to send it to me.  Apparently, she put Caitlyn up on the counter while helping her son get ready for school …

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