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Guest Napper #74 – Undercovers

We all like to have sweet dreams, but Noah has taken extra precautions to ensure that his are especially amusing. Knock knock. Who’s there? Noah. Noah who? You didn’t Noah it was me taking that nap, did you? Ahhhh, I amuse myself. Really, I do. I’ll be here all week. But, seriously, folks. Because sleep …

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Snoozing Sweethearts

Most people find Valentine’s Day is less about the dream and more about the reality…which in this case happens to be a dream, but let’s not confuse matters. ┬áIf this picture shows what usually happens between you and your significant other, there might be a problem. May your V-Day be at very least inoffensive.   …

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Hope in the Dark of Winter

This nap goes out to all my friends in Chicago…and Boston…and New York…and Minnesnowta…a little ray of sunshine from our marginally warmer clime. Dreaming of spring.