GUEST NAPPER #100! It’s a TEN!

A perfect dismount. When you’re number #100, you’ve got to put in a good showing, and I really think Miya does that. Eva sent me this picture and explained that Miya completed this snoozy stunt while they were visiting with her grandparents.   Apparently, she slept like this for the entire nap. It’s a fitting…

Behind Bars

Friday is such a special time of the week, right? You’re dragging your sorry backside across the finish line, but it feels good. Cormac didn’t make it, though. I came back from my workout to find that Cormac had decided to have an early nap on the floor of the childcare room at the gym….

Peace Out

I have often heard of the benefits of meditation. ¬†Frankly, I’m the type who sits in yoga thinking about her shopping list. ¬†William, however, has shown great promise in yoga and pilates since an early age. Blue Puppy tries to be down with this yogi stuff, but he’s having trouble being zen about it. As…

Guest Napper #76 – PiZZZa Party

As parents, we are appalled by what has happened to our Friday nights. Sure, we’re glad it’s the weekend, finally. However, any mom or dad will tell you it can sometimes be lights out by 9:30pm, even for the adults. For others, perhaps, a little earlier than that… Esther’s daughter didn’t make it through dinner….