We interrupt these regularly scheduled naps…

So I logged on this morning and noticed an unusual amount of traffic on Naps Happen. I knew something was up.


I won WHAT????


It turns out that my fellow blogger Brenna over at Suburban Snapshots deemed me worthy of the Versatile Blogger Award.  I feel undeserving of this prize, since it is William and his napping style that are really versatile – not me.  But I had so much fun following the links to see who gave it to Brenna, and then who gave it to Ninja Mom, who was the one who gave it to Brenna, and so on and so forth.  I became determined not to drop the ball.

So I apologize if you have come here expecting a good toddler nap and, instead, found a very awake, caffeinated, exhausted Mom (desperately in need of a refill on her imitrex).  But I have to fulfill the obligations of the Versatile Blogger Award and do what small thing I can to keep it going.

There are two basic rules – you have to pay this award forward to as many as 15 other bloggers, and you have to share 7 as-yet undisclosed details about yourself.  I can’t tag 15 bloggers because I’m a newbie.  But I can tell you 7 things about myself (that’s the rule) that some of you may not know.  At least if you haven’t already been trapped on Facebook with me for four years.

Seven Strange Details About William’s Mom

1. I fell down a manhole in Omaha, NE at age 11.  One leg stayed out, so I escaped serious injury – but you people should think twice about stepping on manholes.

2. I spent a good part of my twenties singing pop rock a cappella semi-professionally in New York City.  Don’t laugh yet, because you’ll miss the fact that this makes it very easy to find pictures of me wearing  silver sequined pants (now you can laugh).

3. As a child, I maintained a rotation chart for my stuffed animals to ensure that they had an equal chance to sleep with me.  I emphasize that this early behavior indicated that I was Type-A and not something seedier.

4. I once had a letter published in Glamour magazine – it was about how I accidentally ate my boss’s sandwich on my first day working at the Pentagon.  This was a true story. (Brenna is much cooler with her letter to Rolling Stone)

5.  I had to drop out of lifeguard training as a teen because I couldn’t (and cannot) open  my eyes under water.  This inability is probably what caused me to hit my head on the bottom of the pool at age 8 and scrape the hair off the top of my head.

6. I am actually a very light sleeper.  William gets his napping genes from his father.

7. I was once one of the automated voices that said people’s names on the Bloomberg voicemail.

And now to share some of that love that Brenna shared with me.  I bestow the Versatile Blogger Award on these other parenting-related blogs:

1. The Economics of Soup

2. Let Me Start By Saying (even though Brenna tagged her first)

and because wine is also deeply parenting-related, I’m giving it, enthusiastically, to this guy:

3. Wineguider

I’m too new at this to be able to share more, but I love these blogs and hope my FB crowd will, too.  I have been privileged to see so many new visitors here today!

And I promise to post a new nap tomorrow, for those of you who are just here to get some sleep, already.



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