Guest Napper #2

It’s a genuine pleasure to be one of the first to share this future Olympian of the Napping Games with you.

Leah at Chapter Four was generous enough to mail me this pair of inspiring snoozes.  My favorite is the first one, in which this child apparently started the nap on the other side of his sister.

Naps Travel

As an expert napalyzer, I can’t help but notice extra-awesome details like the drool on the couch and the desperate chicken (duck?) who appears to be buried nearby under a pillow.  You can’t escape the feeling that something very dramatic happened here while Mom was gone.  Was he trying to save the bird and ended up overcome by exhaustion?

Like one super nap wasn’t enough, Leah also shared this one, which reminds me of many of William’s “incidents.”

Conquered By the Rat Race

It seems this boy was shopping at MOMA, came home, and collapsed upon seeing tomorrow’s schedule in his planner.

Should we wake him for his meeting?


Do you think the people at his 8 am conference will notice the spiral mark on his face?

Thanks, Leah!

4 Replies to “Guest Napper #2”

  1. How unfair is it that kids can fall asleep at the drop of a hat and us grownups who really need the sleep take a while to even get to a dozing state (at least I do)?

  2. These are great! When I wake up with pillow marks on my face, they last for hours, embarrassingly enough. I can’t imagine how long spiral binding marks would last! And the couch one is hilarious. I wish there was video footage of how he moved from his first position to his ultimate napping place. Priceless!

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