Boogie Nights

DJ William

My overall impression here is that William was like a DJ – playing the keyboard, spinning the gears and also operating that creepy little chiming-flower toy…all while destroying his racetrack in the background.  And then it became too much for him and he wrapped himself up like a burrito (instead of eating a late-night one at a food cart) and conked out.  I especially like the sympathetic expression on the purple flower.

It reminds me of how I started to feel about late night clubbing in New York by roughly 2002.  He’s getting old.  The puppies are old, too.

3 Replies to “Boogie Nights”

  1. multi-tasking turned multi-napping. gotta love it. and I totally have to look into getting those firm darda track banked 180° corners as ours has the flimsy yellow ones that don’t hold their shape for anything. how’s a 33-year-old geek supposed to make the COOLEST. TRACK. EVAR. for their kid if the corners dip under the weight of the cars?

    just a quick question though, since my mind is always wondering… or maybe wandering…

    I love the pics of the naps, and miss the the pics I used to get emailed from my wife showing me how our kids ended up in some random place for their naps while I was at work. we’ve even dedicated an iphoto album to random/funny napping pics… anyway, in my wandering-hypochondriac(inherited, I swear)-mind, I wonder if the leap from playing so much directly to napping in place isn’t something to question? I know. they’re kids: they play, they crash. but thinking back to how my kids did it too, I now wonder if there isn’t some kind of toddler-narcolepsy that supplants normal naps by getting the needed rest anyways during some narcoleptic episode instead. I’m sure it’s nothing to worry about now, and if they grow out of it—which it appears they did here—then it’s no concern. I guess I worry about it creeping back in when they’re 16 and learning to drive… what? me? hypochondriac? nooooo.

    great stuff as always.

    1. Jeremy – you’re not the first person to suggest narcolepsy to me – and I assure you I checked with my pediatrician at one point. But you should know that these naps actually started exactly when I had a new baby and no longer had the time to wrestle him into his room for his regular nap. Most of the naps happened (because they are now getting rarer as he turns 4) around the usual naptime, just in the place where he was playing (and stubbornly refusing to go to his room). Sure – there was the occasional nap at an odd time, but mostly it was just a location change. Same time, different place.

      The other key piece of info that I don’t mention in my posts is that the nap doesn’t happen like a stop-drop-and-roll. Although my joking editorial would suggest otherwise, anyone who happens to be in the room can see the nap coming as William slows down, settles himself to his satisfaction (shoves puppy under his head or whatever) and then drifts off over a span of a few minutes. More of a slow-down than a full-stop. Why he chooses these positions and locations when he has time to think about it is perhaps even harder to understand!

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