Workday Pick-Me-Up

Which one of us hasn’t had one of those days when we actually considered if we couldn’t hide under our desk and take a nap?  Well, William just says Carpe Diem.

Can anyone see me?

He actually crawled under here while I was sitting at the computer, working. As you can see, he squeezed Bunny and Puppy under there, too.

He’ll finish that powerpoint deck later.



6 Replies to “Workday Pick-Me-Up”

  1. Why do kids love that spot under our desks in front of our feet? My daughter is nearly six and thank goodness I have an enormous desk. Of course, it is a pretty awesome hidey-hole. All dark wood and coziness. She’s there now. With the dog. The sixty-three pound brown dog. One hundred and thirteen pounds of pent up energy under my desk. And I wonder why I don’t get more work done!

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