(S)ave (O)ur (S)leep…

child asleep under table

Some day, digital archaeologists will happen upon this picture and know that William collapsed tragically into an uncomfortable nap while spelunking under our kitchen table.

child asleep under table
Mickey can’t call for help. Someone has to.

He attempted to signal me, using morse code and this flashlight, but he and his companions eventually succumbed to the soporific qualities of that comfy wool rug and surrendered to sleep before help arrived.

He took Disney down with him.  Mickey and Donald – you thought nothing could destroy them, eh?  That cup of juice just wasn’t enough for a thirsty boy, three puppies, a duck, and a freakishly large mouse.

Rest in peace, little adventurers.

1 Reply to “(S)ave (O)ur (S)leep…”

  1. He needs to carry an automatic distress signal. When he stops moving for 5 minutes and sounds an alarm.
    Never mind, just let him enjoy his nap.

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