Monkey See Monkey Not Do

When you have a second child, everyone and their mother says “Just get them on the same schedule so you can have some time to yourself!”  Well, I applaud these fabulous moms who manage to mold their children’s schedules to the perfect afternoon moment of silence (during which they are angelically snoozing in their little beds) but I was never, ever able to arrange this.  I’m not saying it never happened, but it rarely happened…and never due to any kind of special skill on my part.

This is a more common scene from my neither-golden-nor-silent afternoon.

The big one. He slumbers. Boo ha ha haaa.

What you see probably follows an hour when Cormac (the little one) was sleeping peacefully and William (the big one) was demanding cartoons, juice, and a visit from the Rockettes.

But it never fails.

No sooner has William gone facedown than Cormac is faceup.  And in William’s face.  I’ll leave you to ponder what happened next…

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