From Napping School of Art

Eat your heart out, Rodin.  Our little Frenchman is thinking hard AND he’s sleeping at the same time.  The Thinker, Generation 2.0.

Practicing to be a Greek French statue...

Or is he dreaming of the Heisman Trophy?  The feeling of motion created by his artfully draped blankie and bent leg … well, it’s clearly a masterpiece in the Sporty Nap period of art.

Crack out your Jansen History of Art, people.  Study up.  Cormac is way ahead of us.

5 Replies to “From Napping School of Art”

  1. Ah yes, Jansen… that brings back memories!

    Cormac is such a natural! You could add to his college fund by having him pose for live art classes–with his blankie, of course.

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