Stuffed Snooze

As we adults tackle our post-overindulgence dieting resolutions, Cormac simply collapses in defeat over the gastronomical indiscretions of the holidays.*


Exhausted by the excess…


I know.  I know.  You’re HUNGRY right now.  That Lean Cuisine felt like an appetizer.  The carrots are boring without dip.  Well…think about the red button your jeans are leaving on your stomach (am I revealing too much about myself?) and when that fails to motivate you, remember feeling like this.


Say goodbye to the gluttony.

Just looking out for you, folks.  Now wake up and get to the gym.

*There is a small chance this exhaustion was caused by too much harmonica practice.  I subscribe to the Tiger Mom method.


13 Replies to “Stuffed Snooze”

  1. I must know the following:

    1. How long did he sleep like that?
    2. Is that the standard length for a Naps Happen Style nap?
    3. When (if?) he naps in his crib, does he stay asleep longer?

    1. Beth – in this case, I moved him as soon as I’d taken the picture. I didn’t want him falling out of his high chair! As far as the rest of the crazy naps go, I would say they range in length from only a half hour (usually in Cormac’s case – he’s a newbie) to as long as 2.5 hrs (William) with an average around 1.5 hrs. Cormac definitely stays asleep longer if I get him to his crib. The caveat is that once he’s asleep on the floor, moving him risks the chance of waking and having no nap AT ALL. And that is an outcome I do not enjoy! As for William, once he’s asleep, it doesn’t matter where the heck he is. He will continue…

  2. This very nearly made coffee come out of my nose. I got myself under control and swallowed in time to read that you subscribe to Tiger Mom practices re harmonica. It’s just too much funny at once.

    And his poor nose! Can’t you get a softer table?

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