Sunny Side of the Sleep

I won’t claim this nap to be bizarre.  After all, which one of us has not sought out the lone sunbeam sometime as a child?

Sunny Side Up

I remember lying down in a sunbeam in my brother’s room once when we lived in Nebraska and reading most of  The Voyage of the Dawn Treader before falling asleep there…circa 1983.

Dreaming of spring circa any-minute-now.

4 Replies to “Sunny Side of the Sleep”

  1. certainly not trying to make any kind of comparison… but my dog lays in the sun beams as well and will travel across the tops of the couches near the windows to stay in the sun when possible.

    the real question is did he lay down in the sun to nap, or did the sun find him as you were also about to in order to create the “moment” for the world to see?

    btw, the hardwood on the diagonal really works in that room 😉

    1. Jeremy- long time no see! He did seek out the sunbeam as he also did on this day: here . And why not?

      The hardwood is a funny (well, to homeowners) story. They were supposed to do it horizontally and then discovered that the joist in the floor was ineptly laid such that we’d have to go perpendicular halfway through the room. Ridiculous. So we rush ordered more wood and went diagonal on the spot. Such idiots who build these houses!

      1. yes, I saw that one as well. true, why not?

        and don’t even get me started about homeowner issues… ugh. that one I’d call a “happy accident” … more costly, sure. but it looks great. thankfully, the bones of our house are in good shape. it’s not too old, but it’s old enough that when you look at studs and joists, the 2x* is really 2″ wide… bonus for structural integrity. now if our kitchen was more than 72 sq ft (less a notch where a chimney runs down a wall) I’ve be happy. at least I have my kids and yours remind me of the better things…

  2. Oh, gosh, unless you’re counting countertop space, ours is even smaller. Townhouse. You can see some pics of it on my other blog – the frazzledfoodie one. After living in NYC and Boston, though, we’re thankful! (horsehair plaster, anyone?)

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