2 Replies to “Snug as a Bug…”

  1. Your (almost) daily little snap shots of naps that happen seemingly anywhere never fails to delight me! Lilly’s been bringing out blankets and pillows to lay down “to nap” in the kitchen during lunch lately. Today she seemed particularly tired and I thought, perhaps today a nap will happen just this easily on the floor without all the routines of 5 books on the couch, then on to the bathroom (after some negotiation), brush teeth, wash hands, then in to her bedroom, curtains closed, dark with only bed table light on, get into pajamas, lay down in her bed together, nurse one side, then up to turn off light, nurse other side, then cuddle till I can sneak my body out.

    Well, I had to do it all again today, it just went a little quicker due to the apparent fatigue. So, we’re not where you guys are, yet I just so love getting these little snapshots into the napping scenarios in your house, and some others.

    1. Wow – that’s a bedtime routine, for sure, Anne! I am thankful that I don’t have quite that much to manage midday. I’d be even more exhausted! You do what you’ve gotta do, eh? Thanks for the comment!

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