Dragons and Monkeys and Chix Nuggets, Oh My!

There are a lot of things to say about this nap, and I don’t know which to choose…so I guess I’ll say them all.


First, I don’t know what motivates my children to remove all the cushions from the couch before sitting (and sleeping) on it.

Second, please note the horribly mismatched jammies.  On top is the Hanna Andersson dragon pattern and on the bottom a very faded, hand-me-down Old Navy number covered in faded monkeys.  The result is a weird Wizard of Oz flying monkeys effect.

Lastly – who doesn’t love a half-eaten chicken nugget waiting when he wakes up?  I want to issue a disclaimer that this chicken nugget was NOT in the couch before the cushions were removed.  Cormac brought it there before dozing off.  Really.  Honestly.

The wide shot

I assure you those instructions on the label do not suggest removing cushions and then sleeping on the unopened sofa bed.

And now nobody who visits us will want to sleep on the sofa bed.  Good going, Mom.




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