Yawning Yoga

There’s something composed about this nap that really takes me back to the first time this guy tried Pilates.  I have to say, though, that sleeping unmercifully on top of your best friend is probably not in the spirit of one’s practice.

As a longtime fan of yoga, however, I have to appreciate the pose he has achieved, wherein his one leg balances effortlessly as he sleeps.  Or is he about to do some toning exercises?

Yogi at Work?

Also less-than-peaceful is the wider shot, where you can see that he is about to have a basket (albeit a basket of blissful nothingness) come tumbling down upon his relaxation pose.

Demonstration of Balance?
Aerial Assessment

The boy may last a long time in this peaceful pose, but I think Blue Puppy may make a break for it.

3 Replies to “Yawning Yoga”

  1. He is sleeping on the couch springs – no cushions! Almost like a yoga mat, but less comfy (if that’s even possible)…

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