Guest Napper #18 – Storybook Snooze

One of my favorite bloggers, Ninja Mom, honored me twice over this weekend.  She sent me an impeccably dressed guest napper and she wrote up the nap for me, too!  If you’ve never stopped by to read her regular ruminations on the perils of parenting (although she makes no comment on the pitfalls of excessive alliteration) please do.  You won’t be disappointed!  In the meantime, do enjoy this enchanted repose.


Snacking is not for the weary. Or for girls lost in wonderland. Or for sad sack step-sister servants destined for a ball. A few days ago I looked over at the table and wondered aloud, “Where did Beans go?” In the silence that followed I heard snoring. So, when I tiptoed over to confirm that Beans had settled in for a bench nap at the kitchen table I brought the camera with me.

No cushy bed for this paupered preschooler...

Beans is an Alice devotee.  You can’t tell because she plopped belly-down and hid all the identifying bits on the front of her costume, but she’s decked out for a tea party she’d had with the March Hare and friends. Clearly the tea was uncaffeinated.

Fairy Godmother/Cheshire Cat aerial POV

 Naps Happen Note: “Honey MAID,” indeed.

Or was it all that getting ready for the ball? There was the not cleaning up of the playroom and the not dusting off of snack crumbs from the table. All of that hard work avoided and still not enough energy to hang onto both glass slippers. But maybe that’s for the best; I think I hear the Grand Duke calling in the foyer now. I hope he brought a college endowment for my princess.

Waiting for crumbs from the table?

Either way, Beans sure knows one thing: A bench is a bed your snooze makes.

For more of Nicole’s hilarity, click through to Ninja Mom Blog before she turns back into a pumpkin.  For more of my hilarity (hardy har) check out my guest post on her blog from last month.  Warning: you may be off of McDonald’s Playland for a few days.


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