Single-Handed Sleep

We’ve had so many stair naps here at Naps Happen that we’re in danger of becoming positively ho hum.  I can’t deny, though, that Cormac has added a few elements to this one an over-achiever.

Ever the daredevil, he has taken the stair nap to a new level by endangering his center of gravity.  Like a hapless man in a 1950’s comedy, stranded in a double bed with a modest female friend, he has one hand solidly on the floor.

You'd better keep one hand on the floor, Mister!

But this doesn’t keep him from also kicking up his heels.  Between that and the ball props to his right, I’d say he almost makes it into the yoga/pilates category of Napdom.

Might want to take the shoes off, though.



We’ll have to take steps to get these guys into their beds more often.





8 Replies to “Single-Handed Sleep”

  1. I’d like to know what goes through his mind right before taking this nap. Is he walking around looking for a cozy spot, when sees that alluring bottom step and thinks, “aha! this is the best spot in the house to lay down.”

    1. You know, Allison, I think in this case it was that I left him at the bottom of the stairs upon returning home. I come in with all these bags and shoes and groceries and empty capri sun packages and he wants (inexplicably) to be carried up the stairs. So when I refuse to carry him, he has a thermonuclear meltdown and collapses from exhaustion. On the bottom step.

  2. Ah, so these adventurous naps are preceded by thermonuclear meltdowns? Or just this one in particular? The only time Sophie has a semi-interesting nap spot, it’s after a meltdown!

    1. Not all, actually. Not even most. But this particular scenario often means I left him howling at the bottom of the stairs. He’s perfectly capable of climbing them, of course.

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